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Corporate Social Responsibility

Filipino has been the most in demand workers in the world for being naturally talented and highly skilled individuals. As PNI International is in the recruitment industry, it is a great joy to witness this virtue of our Overseas Filipino Workers.

However, the growing demand for talented individuals has increased and PNI International has cared about putting time and resources to achieve sustainability and growth.

PNI International recognizes the importance of contributing to the society, thus we help through social responsibility programs that could be of assistance to sustainability and development. As we share a common goal with partnered organizations and charity institutions of giving hope especially to underprivileged kids and nurture their talents because we believe that they can help sustain the resources and workforce that the society needed to grow.

PNI International organizes sustainability and valuable programs as a practice of humanitarian support and utmost care which provide our beneficiaries from different organizations to support their basic needs as well as bring them forth with an educational program. PNI International is more than be glad for those esteemed clients who would like to extend their support in our social responsibility programs. This we can help secure sustainable resources, therefore this is a wonderful investment for the future of our society.

Tahanan ng mga kababaihan, all abuse minor lady - PNI International Corporation, Philippines   Gift Giving by PNI International Corporation and PNI Business Solutions Incorporated - PNI International Corporation, Philippines

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