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Manpower Staffing

When PNI International was established, our goal has been the satisfaction of our clients. We help clients ramp up to build their workforce for a particular project. We work together with the client in choosing the best talents available from our pool, recruited, carefully screened and that governmental procedures and pre-deployment preparations are arranged.

It is important to engage in manpower staffing to avoid headaches that include HR and admin functions, guaranteed employment of the workers and government compliances to host country. In behalf, we employ these workers within the duration of the contract or the project. We provide administrative support functions such as payroll, personnel management and processing & documentation arrangement. If the client requires we may even handle the entire department or division.

Staff contracting onshore is relatively being done by industries such as in construction, engineering, oil & gas, mining and any industry that needs massive skilled talents.

Here are some advantages of contract and project staffing

  • Visible reduction of project or operating costs
  • Focus on your core competency
  • Standard market salary range
  • Avoid government and tax compliances
  • Reduce HR and administrative responsibilities

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